What does office cleaning mean to you?

We all have our own opinion on cleanliness.

The world of cleaning changed when the Covid19 virus affected all of us. Especially within our commercial or office environment.

When you enter your workplace, you want it to be clean, hygienic, presentable, a sense of pride and professionalism and safe.

These aspects benefit our customers throughout Essex by engaging in GLC Cleaning ltd services. Not only for the cleaning but additional services to the commercial or office building. Carpet and Floor cleaning, Window Cleaning, Sanitary Waste Services, Pest-Control and Consumable products.

How GLC Cleaning ltd faces and tackles the high standard of cleaning is by using anti-viral / disinfectant products on ALL surfaces. Sanitisers in Kitchen areas.

Bactericidal cleaners in Washrooms and Toilets. Colour coded micro-cloths to eliminate contamination. Colour Coded micro-mop sleeves. All laundered to start a fresh cleaning programme for the following attendance. HEPA filtered vacuum cleaners.

Contact GLC Cleaning ltd today and discuss how our cleaning services can help your office setting and the occupying staff.

Cleaning, it’s what we do, Really Well.

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