Meet Jack our Cleaning Manager

My First year with GLC Cleaning Ltd, on 1st September 2021, I made the decision to join Scott at GLC Cleaning Ltd. Moving from retail and customer service into the cleaning world.

Excited to get started, Scott took me through what life is like to manage cleaning contracts, meeting new and existing clients, overseeing staff at site and recruiting new members to the team. We travelled all across Essex from the seaside towns of Frinton/Clacton as far as Ilford, Brentwood, Colchester and Braintree. I spent a lot of time learning our responsibilitieshigh quality cleaning and doing the right thing for our clients and staff, not too far from what I had already learnt from years in retail.

Once the meets, greets, learning and settling period, it was time to begin our one offs. These could be anything from high level cleaningcarpet cleaninghard floor scrubbingdeep kitchen cleanscovid disinfection, and school cleans.

My favourite of these is definitely the carpet cleaning. Scott took me through the use, training and risk assessments to use the machinery. For our carpet cleaning process, we use a pre-spray on the carpets to begin to break down the dirt and a highly effective stain remover where needed. We run over the sprayed carpets with our Truvox Multiwash, which scrubs deeper into the fibres to provide a better clean. Then its time for our main machine, “carpet machine”, to use its inline heated water, carpet shampoo granules and odour removal concentrate. Getting sprayed between the fibre with a twin jet, high pressure wand and immediately vacuumed out, along with the dirt.

Carpet cleaning takes time to do right and sometimes several passes on the same area to get the high quality results we want for GLC Cleaning Ltd and our clients, but seeing the end result makes it worth while and a good day worked.

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