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GLC Cleaning ltd was established in 2013. Managing Director, Scott Gibson, has gained 30 + years of knowledge within the cleaning industry. His vision is to create a commercial cleaning company that actually does provide a fantastic level of cleanliness. A supporting service provider to the customer.

Assurance, reliable, pro-active, re-active, helpful, communicative and informative are all key words for a customer service business. For GLC Cleaning ltd these are essential words and ones we adhere to. Trust takes time in any business relationship. Whether relating to our staff in the building, punctuality, premises keys, alarm and securing the site. We are there to give you peace of mind. If incidents arise, we contact the appointed member of your staff and discuss what and how we can assist further.

Since the impact of Covid-19, cleaning has never been more essential. Preventing the spread of infection and disease in the workplace of any business is crucial. You require your workspace to reflect a professional image to the staff, visitors and guests. Your staff morale is high whilst working within a clean, tidy and a fresh environment. Stress can be increased by dirt, mess and clutter, and we are here to fix that for you.

Why choose GLC Cleaning ltd?

We believe in giving our customers a reason to stay, not to leave.

As a professional cleaning company, we assure you that our fully trained and certificated staff are dedicated to your premises, working with GPS tracked login/logout systems. We provide continuity of the appointed staff members to your site, unless affected by sickness or holiday periods. Our customers are communicated with and always kept informed of any changes. We are so confident in our ability to meet our customer’s expectations; We offer a 30 day trial period (See terms and conditions.)

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Mr Scott Gibson

Managing Director

Starting in the industry at 16 years old from warehouse, distribution, trade-counter, engineer, weekend works with contractors, sales rep, purchasing, manager and director over a 30 year period.

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Mrs Belinda Gibson


Investor of GLC Cleaning ltd in 2013. Accounts and Admin role. Keeping the company financially stable and growing.

Mr Phil Livett


Investor of GLC Cleaning ltd in 2013. Assisting the company in matters of IT development and programmes to strengthen the business operations.

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